Thursday, 22 January 2015

Pretty Pictures: GeekFest and Medieval Church

Here are some pics I took of the GeekFest table top set up before anyone arrived:
The 'A Song of Blades and Heroes' end - this was just for display.

More of those singing, blade waving heroic men (including my Goblin Giant made from a $2 shop action figure)

The whole table and historic courthouse in which it was set.

The 'Battle of Coal Creek' end with the terrain board, warbands and reference sheets.

And from another angle...

As promised last ishoo, the medieval church I just finished.

I'm out of coloured toner, so I printed monochrome and hand coloured, which gives a nice, washed out medieval look.

It's basically impossible to tell in these shots, but there is clear plastic infront of the the window designs.

And the church from behind.
Well, there you go. Eye Candy. I'm currently packing for CanCon. If you are coming, make sure you bring vast sums of money, since I'll probably be selling off some of what I make. Also you will need to pay for sessions and eat Pringles. I need the tubes.


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