Thursday, 2 July 2015

Ishoo Ninty-Fiv: The Maze of Koalathulhu!

I've always thought that hedge mazes were slightly sinister, and I've always wanted to make some sort of haunted example. Back when I was playing Mordheim, I planned to make one, but it never really happened, and we moved away from Mordheim. In things like WFB, a hedge maze is just kinda annoying and pointless, so I never did make one. Until January this year when I realised they would be PERFECT for Malifaux. With more manly men playing Malifaux at HGC, it seemed the right time to strike!
But the Quantum Wombat got in the way (more on this later) and I didn't get a chance to start until yesterday.
But hark, the stars are aligned correctly, the planetary spheres are just right, and the Call of Grothulhu is heard throughout the land!
Phnglooey Muglwafhn Grothulhu Rlyerr Wagger'naggle fh'tagn!

And there you are sinister practitioners of the occult! The mightiest, most tentacular hedge maze can be yours with little time and effort!
Come back soon for the Tyranid spore towers which have been foretold for many a day in ancient legends!

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