Friday, 6 January 2017

Ishoo wun-oh-fiv: Necrotite Rig

For countless ages of men, rumours and myths have spoken of this day - the day when TFH finally updates once more! Amongst the pygmy people of the amazon they hold that this day will herald a new age of man, and that we shall all bathe in the sickly green glow of glory. And they are mostly right since it's a Necrotite Rig. At last.
But how easy (not to say time consuming) is the manufacture of such things? Well, apparently not that time consuming, since it's been lying about the modelling room since September and not being worked on.
Anyway, here's Bane Grot to explain.

And there it is! Stand by for further updates about Portheim month - and don't forget, GeekFest 2017 is next weekend!

1 comment :

  1. Now that is one cool planetary defence laser......or some other cool weapon thing :)

    Jobs a goodin!


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