Monday, 3 July 2017

Mek Shop Month: Commence!

In honour of the release of 8th Edition 40K (an edition which is so simple it promises to be compatible even with my esteemed flute-riddled opponent's limited attention span for rules!) July has been declared Mek Shop Month on Terrain For Hippos. Throughout the month I'll be posting Orky material for 40K - mostly because I'm not that inspired by 40K Chaos at the moment, and that's the only other army I have. No, we're going back to the very first army for the very first game I ever played. Not literally - I'm not going to be painting 2nd edition Orks or anything. What I will be posting is a step-by-step guide to scratch building orky vehicles, and possibly some terrain as well. I'm on holidays for the next two weeks, so I plan to be rather productive.
Yesterday I spent about $100 on plasticard and plastruct parts. If all goes to plan, I should be able to post the first Modelling For Hippos ishoo of Mek Shop Month tomorrow evening. It's going to be a two-parter. And may be followed by a Painting for Hippos ishoo on painting the project. After that I'm not completely sure what the next project will be just yet. Possibly a bigger vehicle. Not sure.
Of course, my esteemed flute-riddled opponent has gone to distant northern lands on holidays for the month, so it's very likely that I'll build all this stuff and not play with it... sigh.
See you (hopefully) tomorrow!

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