Saturday, 8 July 2017

MFH Ishoo 14: Warbuggy Rokkit Rack.

Welcome back to Mek Shop Month! In this ishoo of Modelling For Hippos, we're going to look at building the other weapon fit available to buggies in 8th Ed. 40K - the Rokkit Rack. Making rockets with their pointed nose-cones can be a bit of a puzzle. It's hard to find good cone shapes without using bombs and missiles from model planes (which can be pretty expensive). Fortunately, there is a solution, and it's not only easy, it's also very quick. Seriosuly - this was finished by 1500 yesterday, but I have not had a chance to post it until now. How quick and how easy? 
Cue the hippo.


And there you have it, Mekaniaks! And what's more, here's a little bonus. Last. night I went to the traditional and much endangered Painting Night at The Hoodling's Hole. Or the Hoodling's Living Room anyway. Much distressed at not being able to get at the modelling table which had been colonised by a giant computer running Mechwarrior Online, I sat at the dining table and built the body for the third buggy. I forgot to take my fancy schmancy circle cutter so I could not do the turret, but apart from that, buggy three is also done. Here's a pic on the whole squadron.

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