Sunday, 4 February 2018

Pudding Wrestler's Perfidious Projects: Things become clearer.

Normally, I wouldn't post an update with only one picture, but there's been a lot of progress, to the point that the Mysterious Orky Thing of Mystery's true form is now evident. A combination of spending painting night at the Hoodling's Hole on Friday, club time at HGC on Saturday (until I had to leave early for a party - damn this social life!) and messing about at home this afternoon and evening have all lead to some clear progress.

The upper and lower legs are now basically complete apart from riveting, detailing and some hydraulic systems. The feet are only just started but have reached the point where they can support the legs and allow a proper mock-up photo to be taken. The jaw is basically done and awaits some hydraulics being fitted to the body to allow it to gnash properly. Of course, I will be leaving the jaw off for painting. 
Now it's a matter of finishing the feet, then adding some 'shoulder pad' style armour over the legs to hold some of the weapons and force field generators, and finishing up the legs. The end is in sight.

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