Monday, 19 February 2018

Pudding Wrestler's Perfidious Projects: The Good Ship Orka, Mk.1 Tim Taunter and Morkanaut update

I started to paint the Morkanaut on Tuesday, after shooting some video of it minus paint. To be honest, it has not gotten very far. I've done the metallic base coat and three coats of yellow to get a fairly even colour. A very few bits have had a little highlighting on the yellow

But then I got bored. At the Hoodling's Hole no less. And what else was at The Hoodling's Hole? Why, Tim's infamous Sacral Vault Conversion!

Which Tim leaves at The Hoodling's Hole out of a general lack of the hobby-balls required to complete it. You see, Tim was struck by a vision about two years ago. A Hordes Minions Sacral Vault for his Minions army being swooped on by a Storm Raptor from his Circle Orboros army. He bought the models. They sat at Greg's for six months. He stuck a few things together. Then lost interest for six months. Then he stuck a few more things together, looked at the massive mounting point on the Storm Raptor's tail, lost heart and they sat at Greg's gathering dust for another six months. 
So I decided to show him how real men hobby.
By building the Mk.1 Tim Taunter.

Chirp Chirp Bitch!

This is about four hours worth of Tim Taunter next to over two years of stalled sacral vault.

This much hobby could not assuage me. And painting the Morkanaut is kinda tedious. So Saturday arvo I started a small project. I have decided that my Orks come from SkegOrkness, a terrible English  1950s seaside resort and holiday camp they invaded and took over. I plan to built a whole lot of themed terrain for it. Starting with the Good Ship Orka. Which is a small boat designed to sit beside the planned harbour or pier.

The fetching rambo-esque headband is there to hold the exhaust stacks while they dry. The boat is NOT played by Sylvester Stallone.

The Hoodling has rightly pointed out the windows are far too clean. I shall have to do something about that...

Focus! Gah! I plan to build atleast one more hull and cast it in resin so I can make a whole fleet of Orky boats. I'd glued the super structure on this one before I thought of it. Oh well, more chances to glue bits of plastic together in strange ways!


  1. You need to put some wheels on that boat. What proper ork wouldn't have looted it already?

    1. What self respecting Ork would forgo the opportunity to hoon about at sea?

  2. What if you get the best of both worlds and build one with paddle wheels?

    1. I doubt a mek would stop there - it'd also need rotor blades.


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