Sunday, 11 February 2018

Pudding Wrestler's Perfidious Projects: Behold the Morkanaut!

I've just put the finishing touches on the Morkanaut. It's taken about a month to build this sucker (well, more accurately, I started in about a month ago, and it's had maybe five full days of work on it and then a whole bunch of short sessions wedged in around other commitments) and now I am feeling slightly at a loss. I mean, I have to paint it, and I'm planning to post a video with a more detailed look and 360 spin around of the whole thing, but I can't shoot that until tomorrow, and I don't want it part painted for that bit, so now I have an afternoon and evening without a Morkanaut to work on...
Guess I should either start the Gorkanaut or get some work in on the plane from Target.
Anyway, that's my problem. You all want pics.
Here they are then.

The jaw is just resting against the body here - it will be much more raised and held with the hydraulics seen in front. I'm keeping things in pieces for painting, and the jaw sags as a result. The legs have been pinned on with two 2.5mm brass pins each.

It has come out a bit bigger than the base. My original calculation involved thinner legs and hip joints closer to the body. I had forgotten to account for the jaw, which meant the legs needed to go further out.

I also decided not to have armoured 'shoulder pad' things over the hip joints.

This meant the Kustom Forcefield Projecta ended up built into the hip joint, and the twin rokkit launchas are now bolted right to the legs at the back. I made the rokkits from rod and tube with the warheads shaped by chucking them into a power drill and spinning against sand paper and emery boards.

Can't think of anything much to say here...

Here's the main gun. The Kustom Mega Blasta ended up as a co-axial mount. I also built an Ork to crew the pintel gun. He is the only kit part in the entire build.

Here are the parts seperated out and ready for paint. This could take some time...

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