Friday, 30 March 2018

Ishoo Wun-Oh-Ate: The Pillars of Al Bunrab.

Tis Eastertime across the land - the perfect time to build great monuments to Al Bunrab! Some of you may remember the mighty Major General Tremorden-Rederring's Colonial Wargames Site. It's long gone now, but it was a great font of madness and house rules created by a few fine fellows from Texas who started adding more and more crazy victorian sci-fi elements to their games set in colonial era Africa. One of the key factions in their epic landship battle was Al Bunrab, a tiny arabic nation which had managed to scrape together enough gold to buy an obsolete light british landship chassis and fit it with an effigy of their mighty god - El Arayrah (my spelling is probably off here...) The Great Brass Bunny! Yes - an entire nation lead by a mad sultan who worshipped the rabbit god from Watership Down. I have always loved that image, and was sadly grieved when Al Bunrab was destroyed by a well-aimed penny-farthing mounted steam driven torpedo.
What with Easter, it's quite easy to pop down to the local craft emporium and buy a bag of polystyrene bunnies, so today we shall pay tribute to the fallen by building... The Pillars of Al Bunrab!
(note: I actually did this last year, but for some reason it didn't get posted - I think I missed Easteer or something, so I'm bringing it out now as an Easter Special.)
Let us summon Grot, who has dressed in the ceremonial onsie of the High Priest of El Arayrah for the occasion!

Happy Easter Hippo Fans!
There'll be a Modelling for Hippos update in the next couple of days too - keep a weather eye out for that!

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