Monday, 26 November 2012

Duelling Paintbrushes 2: Day 26.

Day 26. It's almost over. And it's six days since the last update...
So what has been happening? Well, I've found out that I really dislike assembling screaming bells, let alone painting them. The whole damn thing is just too fiddly. This would've become clear in an update yesterday, but I left my camera at work on Friday...
Anyway, it can now become clear.

I've also painted up another eight clan rats for the hand weapon and shield unit. 
And I've built the Doomflayer.
Again, if I hadn't left the camera at work on Friday, this'd've been a MFH ishoo. As it is, you can enjoy the photos and explanations, even if it's not step by step.

The core of the Doom Flayer is the doom wheel's engineer and inner ring. The outer ring has been removed, an engine built from an Imperial Guard heavy flamer (I think), front wheels from a tank kit, and halbard blades fitted. 
 The outer shells are fishing bobber halves, with most of the insides dremelled to oblivion. Spikes etc. are mostly from Marauder flails or the old night runner sprues.

And here the mighty doom flayer protects the flank of the mother unit (like the mother land, but with less vodka, and more squeaking)

So what does that leave me to complete? 12 Clan rats, and a rat ogre.

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