Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Duelling Paintbrushes: COMPLETED.

Day 13, and as predicted, Clan Skitterklaw is now utterly complete - bases and all. Here's the proof:

Clan Skitterklaw - all 1000 points of it.

Painted and based, Warlord Skveek Skitterklaw

He's also painted and based from the other side. Amazing!

Next time you here someone bitching about how long it takes to get an army table ready, point them this way, eh?

And I've started the next instalment of the clan. Which looks like this (roughly speaking - I'm tempted to reconfigure it to get some Jezzails in somehow.)

Lords (440pts)

  • Grey Seer (440pts)
    Skaven Spells of Ruin, The Screaming Bell (200pts)

Heroes (110pts)

  • Warlock Engineer (45pts)
    Doomrocket (30pts)
  • Warlock Engineer (65pts)
    Brass Orb (50pts)

Core (245pts)

  • Clanrats (90pts)
    • 20x Clanrats (90pts)
      20x Shield (10pts)
  • Clanrats (155pts)
    Doom-flayer (55pts)
    • 20x Clanrats (100pts)
      20x Shield (10pts), 20x Spear (10pts)

Special (60pts)

  • Gutter Runners (60pts)
    5x Gutter Runners (60pts), Two hand weapons

Rare (150pts)

  • Doomwheel (150pts)

Of that, I've painted the five gutter runners (the old plastic ones - Greg had some for some reason and donated them to the cause)

They run in gutters, and go squeak.

And of course, the Rat Tank/Doom Wheel has been started. The Vulcan kit is an odd combination of simple and fiddly. Some parts are very simple, but others are annoyingly fiddly. If I was making this as a model, that'd be awesome, but as a wargames piece, it can grate a bit. The springs for the suspension especially. Each one has a single brass wire, four tiny coil springs of two sizes, and two plastic flange-y-things. I got sick of all the springs and built them with just the two outer springs rather than the two inner smaller ones with the bigger ones outside them. I also lost a brass wire, and some springs, so one suspension arm is typical skaven bodge work. Okay, possable suspension is pretty cool, but the tank model is not heavy enough to actually activate the stuff, and it sits wonky anyway. Sigh.
Here's a pic anyway.


  1. Great work! The rat tank promised to be cool, methinks...

    Hey, why isn't anyone else posting photos? I seem to be the only other person producing anywhere near as fast as your are...

  2. I assume that some of them are taking advantage of the 'be a private person and refuse to share by posting on facebook' clause. Also, two of the Nicks have dropped out. And i am not sure if the third Nick is in it anyway.
    Needless to say, under the terms of the rules, they have been declared weak.


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