Thursday, 8 November 2012

Duelling Paintbrushes 2 Day 8.

Here we are, day eight, and I've got the second regiment finished. Okay, so there are only twenty Storm Vermin (accordning to GW's prices, this is $83 worth, a figure which shocks and amazes me since all I did was paint some chaos warriors to get them). I am considering painting runes on the banner, but I am not very good free hand...
The mighty storm vermin in all their verminous glory!

What the enemies of Clan Skitterklaw see just before they become the ex-enemies of Clan Skitterklaw

What the enemies just to the left of the ex-enemies of Clan Skitterklaw see just before their comrades become ex-commerades.

Everything that is currently complete (the warlock engineer's base is not done). 490.5 points worth.

Well, now is the time to mutter things about the future. Like mentioning that I've got the basic colours and washes on the first seven of the second Clan Rat unit.
And my plans for the Rat Tank. I've decided it'll be a doom wheel. I've also decided it'll be my only doom wheel. I intend to use parts from the actual doom wheel kit to adorn the tank and make it's warp-lightning generators etc. I also plan to use the engineer from the Doom Wheel, and his seat etc. for the core of a Doom Flayer. And, if there are enough parts of warp-lightning-y looking things left, I'll see about making a warplightning cannon. This is known as stretching your hobby dollar. One Doom Wheel (received in part exchange for the painting of the Benite Hordes), plus one 1/35 tank, and a few odds and ends equals One Doom Wheel, One Doom Flayer, and One Warp Lightning Cannon (presumably of doom). That's $151 at GW's current shall we say... ambitious prices. We shall see what the tank costs, but I expect no more than $40 or so. So a saving of about $110.
And it goes without saying that I shall be sharing the sinister secrets of assembling these Clan Skryre creations with you. Or at least some of them. The tank might be a bit too big and involved, but I certainly plan to do an MFH on the Doom Flayer, plus my plans for a Doom Rocket (sensing a pattern to these skaven names...)

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