Monday, 12 November 2012

Duelling Paintbrushes 2: Day Twelve.

Here we are on day twelve, and my 1000 points is complete, apart from the basing on one weapon team and my warlord. So, a day ahead of my insanely over ambitious schedule, and I could be even further ahead if I'd spent more of cup day painting. Hell, I could actually increase my output on a normal day without much effort.
Anyway, here's the proof:
The second clan rat unit. Victim's eye view.

More of the second clan rat unit. This one has the colourscheme from the first unit inverted - turquoise armour and green cloth.

Yet more of that same unit...

Their weapon team! Huzzah!

The part you've been waiting for - Warlord Skveek Skitterklaw on Great Pox Rat.

The same, a different view. I was a touch worried about the rat being too cute, but he seems to be holding up his end of the bargain fairly well.

Behold the mighty flaming banner pole of Clan Skitterklaw!
So, once the warlord and weapon team are based tomorrow, what next for Clan Skitterklaw?
Well, I've finished my 1000 points Duelling Paintbrushes Force (and am therefore declared the victor, along with everyone else who finishes!), time for the 1000 point expansion force. I've worked out a list for this. There are fewer figures because there's a screaming bell (yes I know I cannot afford a screaming bell AND lord on pox rat but the conversion was too cool to leave out). The bulk of the figures are expansions on the two clan rat units, then some exciting things and warlock engineer conversions. I've just been thinking about jezzails today and how to convert them from spares instead of paying GW's insane prices. I think I have it figured out, but they will not fit in the 1000 point expansion. Of course, my time estimate on getting the expansion painted is about ten days, so I'll probably have time for them at the end of the month.
Watch out tomorrow for shots of the whole army, and updates on the Rat Tank!

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